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How Pest Control Techniques in Singapore

## How Pest Control Techniques in Singapore
As for weeding plants such as weeds can be removed by soil treatment or by piracy. For use in mechanical pest control methods to date is still widely used in areas that wage labor is still relatively cheap. For example in manual pest control that is done in Singapore area.

They control the pest by taking the caterpillars or snails attached to cabbage plants directly. And for in Indonesia itself, in mechanical control also has long been done especially to the caterpillars of leaf tobacco by pest Helicoverpa sp.

To perform in controlling this pest the tobacco farmers in the morning picked up and collected the worms that attacked the tobacco shoots. The caterpillars that have been collected are then burned or destroyed.

Likewise with the term Rogesan, where this is often done by sugar cane farmers in Java to find the caterpillar buds of buds or Scirpophaga novella. This method is done by slicing a little shoot of sugarcane that is attacked by the pest is also the term Lelesan made by coffee farmers to sort the coffee from the field attacked by Hypotheneemus Hampei pest.

However, in this mechanical control is different from physical control

How to Control Physically
Way of physical control is an attempt to manipulate the physical environmental factors in such a way that it can kill or decrease the intended pest population. Some actions included in physical control include:

Heat Treatment
In this case is usually done in storage warehouses with closed space. It aims to get rid of pests that attack storage in the warehouse, then the physical technique by heating the temperature in the warehouse is a fairly effective option in expelling pests.

With Trap Light
In this technique is quite widely used for rice farmers paddy fields. Technique of using this lamp the way it works is quite simple because it utilizes ketetarikan pest attacker of rice on light.
Under the lampoon will be provided like a liquid soap and similar things so that when the pest is near the light it will fall into the liquid soap and eventually die in that place.

Barrier or Barrier
In this technique is intended to limit the movement of pests so as not to disrupt the plant. Usually in the form of a barrier in the form of elevated bunds or the existence of a ditch hole as a trap around the crop. Or also with the application of wrap on the fruit that aims to prevent insects that attack the fruit.

How to Control Mechanically
In this technique it is more to kill the pest directly by hand as well as with certain tools.

With hand-picking, this is the simplest and cheapest technique.
In this way is usually to kill the pests of rats that are in the nest or existing outside the hive by using a bat.
Insects can be trapped using a variety of traps such as glue, soap and so forth.
This is the reason why we meet the scarecrow, it is also a form of mechanical pest control.
The advantages of mechanical pest control, among others, can avoid pollution on the environment and this technique can be combined with other control measures.

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