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Choose Sofa Cloth or Leather Sofa in Singapore

At some point, people will need a sofa to put in their home. Shopping sofas seem easy activity, but shopping sofa can be confusing, because the choice of many types, the model is diverse, the coating is also of diverse materials, not to mention there is a slope that can be set kemiringannya and some are not.

Among the many considerations that arise when people are planning to buy a sofa, the most commonly asked is "Which is the better sofa I bought, a sofa or leather sofa?"

Here are 5 brief reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofas and sofa fabrics that can help you make decisions for your home.

  1. Which sofa is more durable?
    Skin is the most durable material and does not wear out quickly. On the other hand, the sofa fabric is not resistant to stains, colors are faded, and worn or thinned faster.

  2. Which sofa is easier to clean?
    Sofa cloth can be washed but when exposed to stains will likely leave marks. On the other hand the fabric also absorbs dust and odors. But it can all be overcome with a sofa cover that can be removed so easy to clean if you want to clean. The leather sofa requires low maintenance and easy cleaning, and is resistant to stains.

  3. Which sofa is more comfortable in hot or cold weather?

Leather sofa is less suitable for use in places with climatic conditions are too hot or too cold. Because it will feel hot if it sticks to the skin in hot weather and will be cold in winter. In this case, the sofa fabric works better and will be more comfortable than the leather sofa.

  1. Which sofa is the better color choice?
    Leather sofas are available in various types, but the color spectrum is limited. While the sofa fabric comes in various colors and patterns. Fabrics can be your best choice if you want to create a variety of atmosphere in your living room.

  2. Which sofa is cheaper?
    The price of the leather upholstery price will be higher than the sofa upholstery of fabric.

So buying a sofa that fits your home aesthetics is good, but it's also important to consider the sofa upholstery material when you're shopping the couch. The better the material, be it fabric or leather, it will be more durable sofa.

If Sahia jiaxing needs advice on the selection of sofa fabrics, please contact Singapore Design Team who will be ready to assist you.