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Rat Eradication Company Singapore

Rat Eradication Company, Cockroach Pest, Ants, Insects in Singapore is a One Stop Company Service company that oversees one business unit in the field of exterminator with trademark TERMAX. Supported by skilled professionals with decades of experience, we are pest control committed to be your partner in overcoming the eradication of mice in your place like in hotel , home, office, apartment, hospital, and other places.

Treatment of Rat Exterminators
In performing rat eradication, we use the following method:

  1. Intensive Treatment
    Treatment using group active ingredients with diversified bait adapted to the type of mouse or item eaten / destroyed. Consuming 3 to 7 days in the form of feeding, rat water placement and glue trap installation. Inspection is then participated in the next day to menius tius who died or exposed to glue trap.

  2. Maintenance Treatment Singapore

Disgusting and using a bait made from anticoagulant group formulated with different types of bait bahannia according to each type of mouse. the goal is to protect the bait deterrent rat so that one group of mice will die and overcome the possible possibility of re-entry of new mice from outside.