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How To Spot and Report An Illegal Part-Time Helper in Singapore

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## How To Spot and Report An Illegal Part-Time Helper in Singapore
While going through the process of looking for a suitable part time helper bringcleaner, you would meet many illegal part-time helpers. This is because a suitable work permit is required for each part-time helper. Illegal part-time helpers may be involved in scams and tax evasion, some even commit theft. But how do you know if a part-time helper is illegal?

Overseas Papers
For part-time helpers who come from overseas to work in Singapore, you should be more careful. You can check out his or her overseas papers. This is because when an individual wishes to work overseas, they require overseas papers for public safety and better citizen tracking by their government. If the part-time helper does not have overseas papers, do not hire them as they may steal from you or scam you.

Police Records
As a owner of a house in Singapore, you would not want anyone untrustworthy in your house as you do not know what they will do. You would feel uncomfortable as well. This is even more so if the part-time helper has had a police record. A police record may indicate a higher probability in committing more illegal acts while working for you. Hence, to find out if your part-time helper can be trustworthy, you should check their records for any previous or current police records.

Permits and Certification
For part-time helpers to be official, they would need to go through formal housekeeping training. This is to keep up the standards of the part-time helpers industry and to make customers happy. If a potential part-time helper seems fishy, or if you have doubts about him or her, you should check for his or her certifications, work permits, and other papers that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires part-time helpers to have. By having all of these permits and certifications, it would prove that they have gone through training and are registered as a part-time helper under the MOM.

Suspicious Behaviour
While you are interviewing a potential part-time helper, or when you first meet them, you should keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. It may even only start when he or she has already started working for you. If the part-time helper is behaving suspiciously, there is a high probability that he or she is an illegal part-time helper in Singapore. The moment you feel like something is off, you should check their records, permits and certifications and more.

Reporting an Illegal Part-Time Helper in Singapore

If you have spotted a part-time helper who has triggered some of these warning signs, they are probably working illegally and you should immediately report them. To report an illegal part-time helper, just go to the nearest neighbourhood police department. When reporting to the police, you should inform them of all your observations, from the lack of work permit to suspicious behaviour. Once the report has been filed, the authorities will take the appropriate action required to apprehend the illegal part-time helper you reported. While this is happening, you should act normal and calm when interacting with the part-time helper you reported. Most of the time, the police would act within half an hour so you would not need to act for too long.

Usually, a trusted company would mean trusted staff, and if you go to a trusted company, you can avoid all of this trouble. Hence, instead of hiring a freelance part-time helper or a cleaner from a random company, you should consider your choice.